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You should be working in an environment that is safe, and one that will lead to a rewarding career. You deserve a competitive wage; good benefits and a pension plan so that you can provide for your family. As an operating engineer for Local 66 you will enjoy equal pay, health insurance, retirement plans, and many other competitive benefits.

Benefits You Deserve. A Safe Workplace. Higher Wages. Secure Retirement.

Higher Wages


Union wages are 19% higher than non-union counterparts.

Health Insurance


75% of union works have jobs that provide health insurance.


For Life

A retiree and their spouse will collect their pension for life!

Learn About Benefits

As a member of IUOE Local 66, your benefits are numerous. Better wages, health care, and retirement pensions are just a few perks that our members enjoy.

Member Representation

Local 66 Has You Covered

Covering two states and 36 counties, Local 66 supports 7,800+ members through their dedicated leadership and industry expertise.

Industries We Serve:

  • Highways
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Bridges & Dams
  • Cross Country Pipeline
  • Airports
  • Utilities (water, sewer, gas)
  • Power Plants
  • Housing Residential
  • Buildings

A Safe Workplace

Safety is our Focus

At Local 66 we demand that our operators are following every safety guideline, and encourage regular training and certifications on equipment. As a Local 66 member, you will have access to our apprentice and training programs which provide education in new technology and industry safety requirements.

Zero Tolerance

We Require a Drug Free Zone

Drug use is not tolerated in the construction industry where safety is a life and death issue. It’s just common sense! It is mandatory with our contractors; and we require our members to be drug free.

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